mission & vision

Launched at the Page-to-Stage Festival at The Kennedy Center in September 2007, The Inkwell is the wellspring for new theatrical work in the nation’s capital, serving as a vital resource for exploring and encouraging the process for making new plays. Through a wide range of programming for playwrights, playmakers, and playgoers, The Inkwell strives toward the following goals:

  • nurture a generation of playwrights who produce work with a unique rhythm and voice, that explodes viscerally and psychologically off the page, that creates impossible worlds and pushes the boundaries of theater as we know it;
  • train the talented and dedicated corps of playmakers in the Washington, DC area to deeply and thoughtfully engage in the process of making new plays; and,
  • create an infrastructure within the DC theater community that supports and encourages the development of new plays.

Thus, The Inkwell envisions a new phase in American Theater centered in our Nation’s capital, where playwrights, playmakers, and playgoers here in Washington, DC are integral to the creation of the most innovative and thought-provoking plays in the country.